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  • Empower Your Business

    Seamlessly manage your own store page within The Little Big Markets website, eliminating the need for costly website setup expenses or simply expand your reach without ongoing costs.

  • A Simple and Straightforward Commission Structure

    You'll only pay a low 10% on any sale made through our online platform. No hidden fees, no complicated calculations. Just a hassle-free way to showcase and sell your products while keeping more of your hard-earned profits

  • Expand Your Reach with Confidence

    Joining The Little Big Markets online offers you a unique opportunity to expand your reach and tap into our vast database of existing vendors. As an established art and craft market operating for 15 years, we have built a strong reputation and earned the trust of both vendors and customers alike.

  • Sign-up

    Create an account with us. Once activated you can customize your store settings, including your store name, logo, and policies. Add your products to your store with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and pricing.

  • Promote your Store

    Leverage the power of social media! Amplify your reach and engage with potential customers by promoting your unique store front URL across popular social media channels. Share captivating content, showcase your products, and entice customers to explore your store.

  • Secure Sales & Seamless Payments

    Get sale notifications, fulfil your order(s) promptly, provide excellent customer service, and receive secure payment(s) directly from TLBM. Our platform ensures a smooth selling experience, allowing you to focus on what you do best.